In the first half of 2021, Japan’s clothing imports decreased in value but climbed modestly in weight…
The country imported clothes worth 1,186.16 billion yen (US $ 10.76 billion) from January to June of this year, compared to 1,192.03 billion yen (US $ 10.81 billion) in the same time of last year, representing a 0.49 percent annual decrease.
In terms of weight, Japanese clothing imports increased by almost 2% to 2,911.54 million kg in the given period, compared to 2,855.13 million kg in the same time in 2020.
Knitted clothes accounted for 603.10 billion JPY (US $ 5.47 billion) of total imports, while woven garments accounted for 583.05 billion yen (US $ 5.29 billion).
Woven apparel imports have continued to fall in value, falling by 7.22 percent, while weight-wise shipping decreased by 4.81 percent.
Knitted apparel imports, on the other hand, have seen exactly the opposite effects, with import values increasing by 7% and weight-wise shipping increasing by 4.36 percent year on year.