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Importance of textiles in our lives

Published: December 13, 2020

Just like women safety we tend to forget that textile is the most important subject in our life after roti. We would never like to go without food even a day but we can live without a house but wearing clothes is a necessity created by humans and is important to stay and survive in the society. Sure we all like to sleep without our pajamas but still that instilled thought that you cant or shouldn’t live naked covers a lot of our mind.

One could live without cloth but if someone wants to live in the society and want to be accepted one has to wear something. Though there are nude beaches and poor on street or even yogis who prefer wearing nothing one has to forgo a lot of things to live freely or without clothes.

For the same reason people thought if we are gonna wear something why not do it with style and that’s where textile steps in. It makes living easy and protected.

The thought of living without clothes intrigues me too just like wearing shorts is like almost going without clothes or even nipple show is the same but it exists. It’s a war in so many houses and culture to show of there skin. For me textile of clothes equals to comfort and love.

Other than that I think the culture of wearing something started with camouflaging in the early times then protection from winter or summer or rains and then it became a very important part of our lives.

And now it is so instilled in us that from the very bedsheet you sleep in to the cloth you wear underneath to your tee-shirt everything constitute of gifts of textile and design, of which I am a big fan of ( since I hate cooking and don’t wanna go into it) also I don’t know how to code or make buildings out of concrete.

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