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Iluna Group brings to Interfilière Paris a new generation of responsible quality that goes beyond the materials and it’s now more innovative than ever

Published: September 3, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

From sustainable and cutting-edge ingredients to natural dyes, the yarn effects become unique while prints become certified. Sustainability has never been so complete

Interfilière Paris – 03/05 September 2021

Booth C27

As the role of lingerie in fashion and athleisure continues to augment, the desire for garments that will meet a new set of values for contemporary consumer lifestyles will flourish. Iluna Group comes back to Interfilière stronger and more innovative than ever and with a great and important goal: to relaunch the qualities and dimensions of sustainability by going beyond the ingredient.

Indeed, the Cuggiono-based company is not only a leader in the sector for design and advanced sustainability, innovation, aesthetics and quality, but has always stood out for its smart approach to the research of materials – which are carefully selected and developed – and today raises the know-how of processes and finishing, without however diverting attention from the impact on the ecosystem.

Iluna’s new path, which was born in a moment when the market seems to speak about “fragility”, begins with the investment in the renewal of machines, which allow it to fly ever higher in terms of high-tech developments, quality, definition, effects of yarns and patterns. The journey into the new dimension of responsible quality continues with ad hoc developments in the field of GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled yarns, aimed at unprecedented effects both in look, in performance and in the hands of fabrics. We’re talking about cord yarn and shiny threads. We are talking about an expansion of the range of GRS yarns, previously available only opaque. The cord yarn is a precious yarn with a ROICA™ EF premium stretch yarn core, GRS certified and developed with 50% of pre-consumer waste materials content – double, covered with an equally recycled shiny thread; the bright and translucent is instead to add brilliant effects so far not possible with a GRS yarn.

The printing processes are also born from this constant search for innovation towards new materials and new techniques, becoming more and more sustainable: Global Recycle Standard (GRS)-certified sublimation printing and register printing carrying Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. This one overlap exactly on the design and color the details, reaching where the dye cannot reach.

Diversification has become essential in today’s competitive market and the fragility of the moments experienced in 2020 was the Sublimation transfer printing GRS certified stimulus to return to being here again, to return to action. Flexibility is the watchword today, along with research. And Iluna has managed to go further: starting from the ingredients at the base of the materials, last year launched a collection with natural dyes made with GOTS certified plant-based dyes, up to proposing magnificent prints with extraordinary effects for this edition of the Milanese fair.

The three dimensions of sustainability, design and innovation are thus finally linked thanks to valuable partnerships with expert and excellent reference companies that have allowed these new developments and these unique results thanks to advanced technologies designed specifically for Iluna, which is today the only company to offer ingredients, natural colors and prints, all three strictly certified.

Register printing with GOTS certification

The FW 22-23 collection

Fluid by Iluna Group, inspired by Alexandre Calder abstract art.

Fluid – calm, flexible, quiet

Soft to the touch, thin, very fine. A tribute to Alexandre Calder and abstract art, a place where fantasy dominates the laws of physics. The inspiration comes from nature, be it vegetable or mineral, with bold colors resulting from inks mixed with non-colors. For amazing unexpected contrasts.

Serendipity, comfort and inclusion for the leisure/underwear line.

Serendipity – unexpected, comfortable, inclusive

Looking at the world without fixed frames of mind is an opportunity, welcoming a surprise, unexpected and pleasant by nature, creates a slow and serene mood.

For a leisure/underwear as close as

possible to everyday life we need comfort and inclusiveness, both of shapes and gender. Softness again, but with pastel or skin tones.

Badass, the most sensual line with strong contrasts.

Badass – eccentric, rebel, sensual

Synthesis of different styles to create a unique and personal one. Strong contrasts, in the indecision between shyness and the desire to show oneself. A rebellious femininity, free from constraints, meets the luxury and sensuality of ancient elements mixed with geometries, floral details, deep colors and metallic flashes.

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