The Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) recently unveiled an e-market place to create a global demand for jute products that have very limited market access compared to those from Bangladesh. The domestic Indian industry survives on government orders of sacks. The e-commerce platform includes four portals: jutekart, fibreofindia, juteflash and juteindex.

All four will jointly facilitate the supply chain from procuring raw jute for mills, fabric for jute product manufacturers to showcasing jute products in both domestic and overseas markets. The integrated platform will provide end-to-end solution, according to a report in an Indian business daily.

Although there are 92 jute mills and more than 5 lakh jute product manufacturers across the country, the IJMA initiative has just roped in 3 jute mills and 200 manufacturers into its platform.

The aim is have all jute mills and jute product manufacturers under this platform.

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Rajni Yadav