Hyosung TNC Co., a South Korean fibre producer, has partnered with the municipal government to release a new nylon textile made from discarded fishing nets.

On Wednesday, the company signed an MOU with the Busan metropolitan government and a social initiative called Netspa to manufacture eco-friendly textiles from discarded fishing nets.

The partnership was formed to reduce the pollution of marine ecosystems caused by abandoned fishing nets as well as to improve awareness about the protection of the marine environment.

The city government will establish a system for separate disposal of abandoned fishing nets, while Netspa will be in charge of washing and processing the collected fishing nets.

With the recycled fishing nets, Hyosung TNC will produce a nylon textile called MIPAN Regen Ocean.

It will also expand investment in a depolymerization facility that improves the purity of ingredients by removing the impurities in fishing nets.

Hyosung TNC hopes to produce more than 150 tonnes of MIPAN Regen Ocean per month by the end of the year by expanding the depolymerization factory.