Hyosung TNC is expanding into global ecofriendly fiber market. For this, they will be supplying eco-friendly material to Osprey. Osprey is world’s no. 1 outdoor backpack brand.
Hyosung TNC developed MIPAN®regen robic, world’s first eco-friendly high-strength nylon yarn brand. This eco-friendly material is created by recycling byproducts generated from the fiber production stage. Lightweight with excellent tearing strength (resistance against tearing) and wear resistance, MIPAN®regen robic is suitable for outdoor products, such as backpacks, working clothes, and swimsuits. When 1kg of reclaimed nylon yarn is produced, an effect to reduce greenhouse gas emission in an amount equivalent to 6 – 7kg of CO2 is created. Therefore, this product is known as an eco-friendly yarn.