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Hyosung innovates as the need for environmentally friendly products grows

Published: August 21, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
South Korean fibre producers continue to develop with environmentally friendly collaborations and products, re-creating a sustainable reality.
With a rising number of companies and customers actively searching out eco-friendly products, fibre maker Hyosung is expanding its sustainable initiatives and product choices.
Partnerships in the development of sustainable technologies and initiatives may bring several benefits to the companies and brands engaged, as well as the local communities served. Hyosung’s regen, Hyosung’s regen, Hyosung’s regen, and Hyosung’ Jeju, Seoul, regen Ocean, and Mipan regen Ocean are all examples of regens.
Hyosung has expanded its recycling initiative to include Seoul and Yeosu, South Korea. Hyosung’s goal is to produce more than 150 tons of Mipan regen Ocean polyester per month by Q2 of 2022. The company recently released the results of a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the life cycle of recycled PET bottles from cruise ships to that of non-recycled PET bottles. “The whole conversation about sustainability began with brands wanting something sustainable, and back then the easiest thing to do was to implement recycled products into their lines,” said Mike Simko.

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