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Skill Development – Need of an hour for Tirupur Knitting Hub

Published: May 29, 2012

Skill Development – Need of an hour for Tirupur Knitting Hub’


Indian knitwear segment is witnessing tremendous growth. India has more than 65% young population below the age of 35 & most of the young population prefers to wear casual wear like t-shirts & track pants on day to day basis. In fact senior citizens seem to be inclined more towards western casual wear for morning walk, reason being the comfort & flexibility offered by knitted garments compared to woven ones. Already there is huge demand for knitted garments in export market. So, knitted garments forms major chunk in domestic as well as export market.

Tirupur,is one the major garment clusters in India providing direct & indirect employment to more than 3 lakhs people. Out of India’s total cotton knitwear exports earning 50%comes from Tirupur itself. The demands for knitted garments from domestic & international markets will be growing multi folds in coming future.  So, in order to meet these ever growing demands, Tirupur industry has to be revived. The major hurdle in growth of Tirupur cluster is lack of availability of technically qualified managerial level manpower like professional knitting master, merchandisers and  marketing personnel for selling in the international market/designers etc.

Skills gap analysis:

In order to achieve higher control on their target market, global competition andcustomised niche markets; the managers in Tirupur Knitwear units need to motivate people, create new direction, generate new opportunities. They have to combine creativity, imagination, intellect and sensitivity towards needs of new breed of employees. The strengths of these people can be fully utilized only through their involvement and co-operation which need effective training and development techniques. The Knitwear unit managers need to remain self-motivated. Increased responsibility, fair recognition, due appreciation and rewards for beyond normal efforts are great motivators. Current managers are under greater scrutiny. Their model behaviour can create the spirit of excellence. They have to set personal examples for others to follow. Effective communication is the key to effectiveness of actions. It helps to obtain better support and willing involvement of team members. It is also vital in order to ensure proper appreciation of actions and constraints by the top management; thereby garnering support. Managing people is an art and lending a sincere hearing solves even the most difficult of problems. The managers are responsible both for discovering and defining their role as well as discharging the same. The bottom line thus is that the onus of fine tuning between the old and new management philosophies lies on the managers of today by which they can enhance productivity and motivation. The managerial skill gap analysis would provide solutions to overcome the prevailing skill gap, so it is important to study the possibilities of how the prevailing skills gap could be effectively narrowed.  The detailed study will help in identification of various modes of training that could be adopted.This would lead to empowering the organizations with a strong skilled workforce, enabling them to improve on their productivity. This in turn would enable the knitwear exports to take up a better share in the global market, thus lending an extra avenue to boost our Indian economy.


Skill development

The basic skills for managing a small team can be viewed in three categories i.e. organization, leadership, and communication. Of these three, leadership is the hardest skill to acquire. Without detracting from the main work, managers should stimulate their teams with changes of focus. This includes drives for specific quality improvements, mission statements, team-building activities, and delegated authority, though decisions must be made on how often to raise excitement about new issues. One of the most cited characteristics of successful managers is vision. For managers, vision is a vivid idea of what the future should be. The best managers are those who recognize problems, seize opportunities, and create their own future.


Many organizations across the countries have recognized that training is a strategic priority rather than a tactical response, which may be used as a catalyst for change and also as an aid to give an organization a competitive edge. Both the availability of required quality and quantity of Human Resource (HR), maintenance of such employment through training, as well as the HR’s strategic responses to the worldwide changes ultimately determine the competitive strength of afirm within a nation or across the countries. Hence organizations in today’s world need to follow the principle “innovation-training-development-action-sustainable growth” with true concern for the meaningful development.



  • Communication skill: There is significant gap in the managerial communication skills inTirupur knitwear industry. Hence it is needed to improve the communication skills of the manger to improve their performance.


  • Greater Management Support and Commitment: In today’s competitive environment, the management of the knitwear companies should give serious attention and effort towards training the managers in the organization. The top management has to be committed to talent development and they must take a long term approach.


  • Improved Budgets for Training and Development:Without sufficient resources any effort to improve managerial talent will be stifled. Thus return on investment and cost benefit analysis should be done to clearly demonstrate that the payback on such initiatives will be quick and significant.


  • Allocate Better Time Necessary to Train and Develop Managers:Knitwear organizations are exceptionally busy places and the urgent issue can push put theimportant issue. Any organization wanting to develop the top management should be willing to allocate time in addition to financial resources. Managerial skill development takes time on the job and off the job. This has to be budgeted and allocated properly.


  • Assess Individual Management Competency: While organizational needs assessment are important for identifying specific skill sets individual needs assessments are important for determining the competencies of individual managers.Formal assessments, 360 degree Feedback tools and self-assessment are just a few tools that can be used to determine the managerial talents necessary to succeed.


  • Each Knitwear Company Should Have Clear Management Skill Sets Defined

Every organization has its own skill sets that they deem most important for success. Effective needs assessment can be used to identify these skill sets that can become the basis for establishing clearly defined learning objectives and processes to acquire these specific skills.


Government Initiatives:

Government approved aRs 6,000 crore special package for textiles & apparel sector to create one crore new jobs in 3 years, attracting investments of $11 billion and generating $30 billion in exports. The measures approved include additional incentives for duty drawback scheme for garments, flexibility in labour laws to increase productivity as well as tax and production incentives for job creation in garment manufacturing. The package breaks new ground in moving from input to outcome based incentives by increasing subsidy under Amended-TUFS from 15% to 25% for the garment sector as a boost to employment generation.

The Government of India also launched the National Skill Certification & Monetary Reward Scheme to encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs. The scheme will benefit 10 lakh youth at an approximate total cost of ₹ 1,000 Crores with an average monetary reward of ₹ 10,000


About us

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