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Shaheed Khalek UCEP Textile Institute’s Training Program Launches in Dhaka with Support from Bangladesh Textile Industry Leaders

Published: January 11, 2023

Shaheed Khalek UCEP Textile Institute (SKUTI) training program was formally launched at the UCEP Bangladesh Head Office in Dhaka.

Top representatives from the Bangladesh textile industry attended the event, which was presided over by Dr. Mohammad Alauddin, chair of the UCEP Board of Governors and the board of trustees of the University of Asia Pacific. The event was emceed by Md. Abdul Karin, Ph. D., Executive Director of UCEP Bangladesh. The event’s chief guest was MP Hafiz Ahmed Majumder, a member of the UCEP Association.

In his address, Hafiz Ahmed Majumder, MP and member of the UCEP Association, praised UCEP Bangladesh for its commitment and tireless efforts to improve the socioeconomic circumstances of disadvantaged areas.

Prominent textile figure Prof. Syed Fakrul Hasan Murad, Advisor, SKUTI, among others, emphasised the necessity of a strong textile Institute training programme.

While Quazi M. Ahmed, Lead Consultant & CEO, FutureLeaders, contributed some insightful observations about the potential contribution SKUTI will make to the nation’s textile industry.

A Matin Chowdhury, a former chair of the UCEP board of governors and a sponsor of SKUTI, and Dr. Ubaidur Rob, a former chair of the UCEP board of governors, also spoke at the occasion and offered their perspectives.

Through assistance with learning skills to make money, the non-profit and non-governmental organisation UCEP Bangladesh seeks to improve the socioeconomic circumstances of disadvantaged populations. Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs is the full name of the organisation; however, UCEP Bangladesh prefers to use the abbreviation UCEP because, in response to shifting needs and circumstances, UCEP also offers help to young people from underprivileged groups.

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