• Students raised funds for social causes through an art auction, a dance marathon, and an annual fete
  • The events displayed students’ creativity and enthusiasm to champion social causes alongside aiming for academic excellence
  • In line with ABWA’s service learning activities, proceeds from the auction will support crucial social causes

Mumbai : In a demonstration of their commitment to social responsibility, students at the Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) successfully organised a series of fundraising events including an art auction, dance marathon, and annual fete. The events not only displayed the creative talents of the students but also highlighted their dedication to making a positive impact on society. The funds raised will be donated to a cohort of NGOs that the school collaborates with in support of various critical social causes. Some of the NGOs the school champions include Toy Bank – The Opentree Foundation, The Welfare Of Stray Dogs, Sneha Sadan, and Jai Vakeel Foundation & Research Centre.

Each event was carefully curated by the students who spent months planning these activities. For instance, as part of the art auction, a total of over 55 exquisite and stunning paintings made by the students went under the hammer. Students took great care to ensure that the catalogues were shared a week before the event with the parents and teachers for pre-booking of the artworks.

Similarly, the high-energy dance marathon united over 800 students from the entire school. It encouraged students to dance for a minimum of one hour, with no limit on how long they can keep going. With a free-flowing dance format and no specific theme, students were free to express themselves through movement and have fun in the process. The Annual Fete was also a delightful experience with mouth-watering food and exciting game stalls that is planned, organised and even manned by our entire parent body, grade wise. The excitement, the energy and the synergy that went into putting together such a mega event is what makes ABWA an extended family and a truly happy space for all.

“At ABWA, we believe that providing a well-rounded education includes encouraging students to participate in activities that benefit society. Our aim is to instill compassion and empathy in our students, helping them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. The success of the art auction, dance marathon, and fete is a testament to our student’s academic and social accomplishments. This initiative is just one of many we undertake to teach our students the importance of contributing to society’s development while prioritising academic growth and career goals. We recognize the holistic development of children and the power of educating young minds in the nation’s progress,” said Radhika Sinha, Principal, Aditya Birla World Academy.

This was ABWA’s first social responsibility initiative of the year. Such activities not only help the students but also the society as a whole will gain from it. In order to provide a comprehensive educational approach, ABWA is constantly looking for such activities.