The Yarn Bazaar team in association with Standon Consulting presents a series of small advisory notes made through advice of textile experts on ‘how to restart safely and systematically the various departments in your textile unit’. We felt that these could be of help and guidance to everyone.

As an extension, they are also providing FREE consultation and guidance on call for a period of one week to anyone who has queries or seeks assistance.


2. Disconnect all flexible air hose at the point where rigid pipe joins the loom.
• Check rubber pipe ends at clamping point for rupture/crack if observed. Cut out half to one inch or replace hose.

3. Bring all the valve at pipe drop end over the loom to OP£N position, making sure to release slowly if there is Air in the pipeline.
• Make sure you place some cloth or covering below the pipe end on the loom parts adjacent to the valve opening

4. Open all cleaning point valve fully and remove any air gun if attached.
5. In compressor room, check electrical panel for duet / foreign elements.
6. Open all compressor covers and check for dirt I foreign elements like rate / bird nests.
7. Clean filters.
8. Check oil levels.
9. If there is bypass on oil filter set the valves to BYPASS it.
10. Same for dryers. Set BYPASS to ON if available.
11. Receiver tank inlet and outlet valve should be open.
12. OPEN the drain valve on Receiver. If it has auto drain, REMOVE the drain valve or manually BYPASS it.
13. Keep the main header valve AFTER the compressor room to OFF.
14. Switch on electrical supply one compressor at a time.
15. Set air pressure cut off level to lowest possible. 3 – 4 bar is recommended.
16. Start one compressor.
• Watch or any abnormal vibration. noise. In case any is noticed switch off compressor and call service.
17. Repeat with other compressors one at a time.
18. Observe air coming out of the Receiver tank drain

19. Run in this for 10 Minutes or till the air coming of the Receiver drain valve is free of dust and moisture.
20. Switch off all compressor.
21. CLOSE / Reattach Receiver tank Valve.
22. OPEN main header valve.
23. Restart compressor.
24. RUN in this for 30 minutes or till air from the FARTHEST point inside the department is free of dust or moisture.
25. Start dryers.
26. Bring in the air through the dryer by closing BYPASS of dryers one by one.
27.If all is normal. CLOSE BYPASS of oil filter.
28. Run for another 10 minutes.
30. Start to close valves one by one in the department I cleaning pointe. Starting with the one nearest to the compressor room and finally closing the last one that is FARTHEST away from the compressor room.
31. Observe for leaks and or any abnormal behaviour in compressor.
32. Let the compressors reach cut of at 3 – 4 bar.
33. CLOSE all machine end valve again.
34. Attach the machine flexible pipe. Make sure the clamping is done properly by the head fitters.
35. OPEN machine end valve. Observe for any leakage sound.
36. If everything i.e. NORMAL till here, RESET compressor pressure to working pressure. Usually 5 – 7 bar in Air jet shade.
37. DO not Start weaving machine YET
38. Let compressor reach working pressure and cut off.

• All cleaning lines are closed
• The OIL Filter is NOT BYPASSED
• The dryer is NOT BYPASSED
• There are no abnormal noises or vibrations observed anywhere

40. After 15 minutes of keeping plant in the condition. Open any cleaning line inside the department and check for OIL I Moisture. If Found DO NOT START the machines
41. If all is normal. Start weaving machines one by one.
42. Check for Moisture / oil again after 24 hours of plant operations

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