Fashion Historian James Laver best describes the life cycle of a fashion trend. While a trending fashion aesthetic maybe in-vogue in a certain year or month, just a few years before it was considered bold and audacious and will be tagged absurd few years down the line. But somewhere in these 50 years, the same style will make a dazzling comeback, leaving everyone reminiscent of the golden age associated with the trend. Take flared denims for instance. A massive hit in the 70s, these pair of jeans made a fabulous comeback in 2020s, showing in the collection of all the leading brands.

Similar to what Laver states in his theory is the second concept explaining the inevitable return of the fashion trends as per the 20-year rule. The year 2002 is considered by many as the year of fashion disasters. Seriously what was there to like? Singer AvrilLavigne’s punk rock style cargo pants, teamed with crop top and cringe-worthy neckties, a combination later sported by Jenny from the block famed J Lo. Now modern punk style rules the roost 20 years later in its much more elegant version. Oversized leather jackets and platform boots are back in style.

But nothing speaks the return of yesteryear trends like the hyper-stylised TV series on popular streaming services. Netflix Sci-fi fantasy series Stranger Things inspired fashionistas so much, the 80s fashion was back in trend in 2020s. Another Netflix show Bridgerton showcased fabulous 18th century Regency era outfits and viewers fell in love with them. This isn’t just cosplay or theme parties that triggered the return of such fabulous style trends 40 or 100 or 200 years later, it is the attention to detail and the love for beloved characters in which the audiences invested so much time and attention that the style and trends from 200 years ago became part of the modern viewer’s shopping list. And whatever the consumer wants, consumer gets. Movies and television have always had a huge impact on people in every decade and if the theme is period drama, rest assured the styles and trends shown in the show are bound to creep in the modern day creativity.

Empire waistline dresses, corset tops and full-length gloves are so much in demand, there’s been over 500% increase in the demand for regency era fashion items. Even puff sleeves and headbands are returning to stores, courtesy the hit Season 2 of the Netflix series.

The popular Mom jeans from the 90s are making a huge comeback this season with all leading brands showcasing their version in an ode to this 90s trend. Plaid pants are also cool again after a hiatus of 30 years. Wide leg pants have also made a comeback to not only beat the scorching heat but also to add a dash of effortless chic to your overall look.