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How an Accessory Finish Your Linen Look

Published: June 15, 2020

Accessories are always tricky if you are doing wrong, you might look old-fashioned and become too matchy-matchy. However, if you put the right accessories together, even the most basic outfits can be totally updated. Today, we list down how your simple linen clothing can be updated with the help of a few key accessories.

1. Belt+ Linen Dress

To add interest and perk up your linen dress, add a minimal belt over it. The belt is helpful to emphasize your waist and also add extra complexity to your plain look. There is no restraint with the color of belts. For example, you can keep your look tender and extremely minimalist by wearing the same-toned belts. Or try on the contrast-colored belt for an artful contrast of colors and build a bold creation.

2. Jewelry + Flax Clothing

Feel free to mix up your jewelry with your flax clothing, no matter the earrings, necklaces, watch, bracelets, etc. The tip is making sure you have one statement piece jewelry and keep the rest simple and in the similar color shades—in case your look will be chaos.

  1. Scarf + Flax Clothing

The scarf is an accessory that many people think it’s just for cold weather, but I think you can wear it all year long. I would suggest the chiffon or silk scarf since these two sheer fabrics have a touch of elegance and have the ability to give you a hazy beauty. Choose them to add colors, prints, or patterns to your fresh linen look. Do not limit yourself to putting them on your neck, try wearing them on your hair, on your wrist, in your belt loops or on your bag.

Tips:  if you are a beginner with the scarf,  go for a square because it can be turned into a thin rectangle, which can give you a ton of options for tying and add a bit more versatility.

4. Bag+ Flax Clothing 
A. Bag + Linen Dress

The bag is a must-have staple for every woman. When you wearing a linen dress, I would suggest a straw bag or linen bag because this combo can make your linens appear fresh and concordant.

 Plus, it’s quite appropriate for your beach walk, summer dating, or your cruise trips.

B. Bag + Linen Shirt

Usually, most of the linen shirts are plain, so you can add a pop of color to your bag to create a fabulous contrast and a touch of summer.

In addition, to make the linen shirt office- appropriate, opt for those handbag made of black leather, which is 100% guaranteed to showcase your powerful vibe and suitable for the business occasions. For the casual officewear, you can wear your bag around your waist or over your shoulder.

C. Bag+ Linen Pants 

The key to experiment with this combo is don’t overdo it. For instance, if your linen pants are in solid colors, you can pair with a patterned bag or straw bag but please make sure the rest is simple enough. The printed linen pants with a statement bag will become too matchy-matchy and unacceptable.

5. Statement Glasses + Flax Clothing

Statement glasses have all the possibilities to transform your fresh linen look into a modern, trendy, and cool style. For example, pair a linen shirt and pants combo with black sunglasses, a pair of flats and a few metallic pieces of jewelry, this combination has a laid-back feeling and remains cool as well.Or linen blazer with jeans can work well for business occasions.

6. Hat + Flax Clothing

The hat is another outfit that can express your personality and turn your plain look into a stunning style. For me, I quite like to wear the straw hat with my linen outfits since this combination is ultra-boho-chic and super relaxing. Of course, I think a bucket hat is another good option since it’s pretty versatile for your daily closet.

7. Shoes + Flax Clothing

A pair of heels feel trendy and add you an edgy touch.The sneakers/ flats will give you ultra comfort and freshen your linen style. Sandals are always a good partner and looking great with any linen outfits. So how to choose footwear depends on which feeling you want.

The sneakers/ flats will give you ultra comfort and freshen your linen style. Sandals are always a good partner and looking great with any linen outfits. So how to choose footwear depends on which feeling you want.

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