According to a survey released by the International Furnishings and Design Association, homes over the next 10 years will shrink in size, focusing more  on healthy design which is to  be made more amenable to aging.

The survey of IFDA members, known as  the Vision for the Future of Home survey, For casted that by 2030, it is likely that the coming era will be living with modern design and enjoying modern conveniences, like sensor-activated lights, doors, etc., as wellness becomes a priority in residential construction and design.

Susan Hirsh, IFDA’s membership and survey director said- “Whether designers, manufacturers, retailers, marketers or media, we’re all experts in our chosen fields as members of IFDA and our insights are varied and compelling”

The IFDA survey taken in 2010 predicted that, by now, much of the equipment and home furnishings found in residential homes would be able to be activated by voice and sensor. While that prediction has come completely true, this year’s survey foresees continued growth in the smart home category.

The 2020 survey also addressed how the interior design community will function. By 2030, 92% predict more virtual reality presentations. The trend of consumers ordering over the Internet will continue to rise, according to 83% of respondents, and 73% see an increase in the trend toward clients doing their own ordering.

Seventy-two percent also say the trend toward clients being budget-conscious will continue on the upswing.