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The Shape Of Home Textiles.

Published: February 3, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

2021 is all about taking a closer look at what you choose for your home, elements that represent you, make your soul feel at home are the most calming choices. While choosing  for textures and colors, visualize the element if your favorite nook and a couple more spaces before you buy.


A dimension of textiles at one’s home provides added textures and levels to the home which is pleasing to the eye. Investing in textured fabrics is not heavy on the pocket and instantly refreshes the look and feel of the home.

The following are the key trends that will be seen in fabrics for home textiles-

  1. Earthen Prints

Prints that replicate and represent the raw textures of earth will be seen, as used by major brands and preferred by the customers for a raw and natural appeal to the home. The pandemic has majorly shifted the sensory expectations of customers towards more pleasing textures such as derived from the earth.

Figure 1 Reference : Made.com

Figure 2 Reference: Anthropologie

Figure 3 Reference: Pinterest

2. The Geometry Magic

Figure 5 Ref: Etsy.com

Figure 6 Ref: Fabricwarehouse.com

Figure 7 Ref: aeristo.com

The 3-D surface of geometrical patterns not only add a dimension to the furniture, but also is perceived as luxury, stands out and gives a look of quality. Shapes which alternate colors in the fabric can be explored to add to the statement at home. Velvets, leathers, faux leathers and patch-sew patterns can be explored.

3. Basic Bases

Basics has been the biggest trend from 2020 and will continue going in 2021 owing to the rising concerns on environmental factors of fashion.  Choosing basics will help in reducing the load on landfills. It limits the choice of buying with an unlimited choice of styling. The basic fabrics for bedding and decor are soothing to the eye and helps in assuming a sense of peace and tranquility at home. The basic interiors can be used in a garden room with hanging plants and pots; which will certainly help presume a peaceful and calm ambience.

Figure 8 Ref: The design chaser.com

Figure 9 Ref: nytimes.com

Figure 10 Ref: cocolapinedesign.com

4. Natural Fibers

Figure 12 Ref: wayfair.co.uk

As an addition to the above described Basic Bases, the growing demand of natural fibers for fashion apparel has inspired the home décor curators to incorporate the organic fibers in home décor and linens. The organic fiber textiles are biodegradable, use all the organic practices from growing to packing and are less responsible for carbon footprint. This year, switch to organic fabrics for bed linens, throws and table linens.


Figure 11 Ref: etsy.com

Figure 13 Ref: Ralph Lauren Home

Figure 14 Ref: One Kings Lane

Figure 15 Ref: canvashomeinteriors.com

5. Tropical Tease

The trend of using bold tropical prints has arrived to a point where bare leaves are printed on organic linens, or on basic home linens with a lot of breathing space between the prints.  This trend is inspired by two drivers- The need to shift to organics post pandemic, as well as the desire for some breathing space whilst the world is working form home.

Figure 16 Ref: m.anthropologie.com

6. Patch it up

Another trend driven by the pandemic is patching up the waste fabrics to create cushion covers, quilts, rugs, bed linens, etc. This trend has never left the industry and has always been spotted after every few years because of the reason that it utilizes waste scrap fabric, reduces landfill waste and creates unique designs that are hard to replicate. This year, in 2021 the trend can be seen in garments as well as home linens. Creative patchwork is here to stay for at least a couple of years because utility and creativity is what the consumer is looking for right now.

Ref: Architecturaldigest.com

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