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Sunlight is captured by Regal Home.

Published: September 11, 2023

New York: Regal Home, a manufacturer of window treatments, has traditionally prioritised fashion at a cost largely for private label programmes.

The business is launching Sun Shield, a brand umbrella for 100% blackout curtains, during this week’s New York Home Fashions Market. Although Regal has been in the blackout industry for a long time, it has developed a weaving method that eliminates the need for a liner.

“We’re fusing blackout functionality with fashion. The market is lacking,” owner David Cohen stated.

Two factories in China are 50% owned by the corporation through a joint venture, which aids in lead times and quality control. Sun Shield panels can be created from almost any Regal fabric, including linen blends, jacquards, and embroidered fabrics.

Depending on the design, panels can be purchased for as little as $19.99.

Any appearance can be used, according to Jimmy Tawil, VP. “This is about making that fashion accessible to everyone.”

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