Director Tim Cross, spokesperson of sustainable textile solutions shows a promising  commitment to tackle textile environmental challenges. He  has been working the motto ‘protect others, protect the planet’. “We believe every industry has the potential to reduce their environmental impact with issues of water, resources, CO2 emission and climate change remaining. We want to be the catalyst for positive change in the textile industry and hope that other companies will follow to provide hundred percent recycled ranges” Cross said.

Project plan B has researched  thoroughly  and has realized the importance of keeping value in the chain. They have created solutions which have led to the first samples of 100% recycled polyester shirts. They also use quality recycled threads. After the garment  life cycle ends, it can be recycled back into high grade raw material suitable for  carding,  spinning, knitting or weaving.

So are unique closed loop circular systems through which materials can be used again and again while maintaining its purity and value is developed in this project plan B.