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Nature-inspired, exuberant, and folk-inspired themes set to dominate homes this spring season: ReshaMandi

Published: December 15, 2022

The arrival of spring signifies  rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth, following winter. Post two pandemic years, the focus of Indians is shifting towards an adventurous, experimentative style, which is still rooted in nature. This season is all about embracing  freshness and letting go of rigid notions of what a home ought to be. 

ReshaMandi – India’s largest and only farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres, has predicted in its latest trend forecast report, that Spring 2023 will be dominated by botanical, buoyant, and heritage-inspired themes, hues, and motifs in the home decor segment, which includes kitchen necessities like table covers & runners, mats, napkins, and towels as well as bedding (bedsheets, quilts, cushion/pillow covers). The key themes forecasted for the season are “Neo Heritage,” a modern interpretation of folk/tribal motifs, “Playful Paradise,” which denotes a bright and playful atmosphere, and “Botanical Bliss,” which represents a strengthened connection with nature.

Customers are anticipated to be more bold in their choice of prints and colours, according to the company’s most recent forecast for Spring 2023 on home decor trends. 

According to the forecast, the following are the key trends for Spring 2023:

  • Bright, neutral, and muted colours are anticipated to make up the majority of the season’s palette. The base colours are subtle hues like Whisper White, Ice Melt, and Cloud Dancer, while brighter hues like Tomato Puree, Spice Route, and Tendril. Cool Blue, Set Sail, and Mediterranean Blue make up the majority of the crossover colours used across all themes.
  • With regard to the details, the botanical bliss theme will be characterised by stripes, piping and flanges, digital printing, cut and sewed patterns, while the playful theme will be dominated by trims, quirky buttons, Kantha stitches, and abstract patchwork. On the other hand, the folk-inspired concept will have cut outs, running stitches, and tribal stripes.
  • Flora and fauna  are typical of spring and are anticipated to be widespread across all themes. Traditional designs like Ikat, Phulkari, and Aztec prints are also anticipated to be popular.
  • Fabric textures like those of linen, flax, jute, and hemp will  be popular this spring, in a way that is almost symbolic of connecting with nature by returning to one’s roots. Also  to be well-received are undulating weave patterns, suzani embroidery, pebble stitch, appliqué, and laser cut outs.

In order to create a new world of textiles and transform the industry, ReshaMandi is steadily laying the groundwork for environmentally friendly clothing, fabrics, and home furnishings. The purpose behind this is to provide consumers and businesses with sustainable solutions that are easily accessible, readily available, and reasonably priced.

ReshaMandi began with a focus on silk and has since expanded to provide various natural fibres like cotton, jute, and banana. Today, the organisation is responsible for managing the entire natural fibre ecosystem, providing services to a wide range of clients, including farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, mills, manufacturers, exporters, corporates, designers, and end users.

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