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Launch of New Sustainable Textile Brand

Published: June 25, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

With a debut collection of organic bed linen, cushions and throws, the team behind the brand decided to continue with the launch focusing their efforts on a digital offering and social media visibility. While lockdown has posed many challenges to a variety of industries, Baea brand still managed to go ahead with their previously scheduled launch despite the circumstances.
Founded by entrepreneur Adah Chan, Baea looks to bring elements of nature indoors through the use of pure materials, organic forms and neutral palettes. After a career in sourcing linens for brands such as Ralph Lauren Home, Chan decided it was time to start her own journey in building a brand which she feels, represents the future of home textiles. To help make this a reality, she has partnered with UK-based textile designer Catherine Reeves, the brand’s Creative Director.
Collaborating with artisanal experts in Italy, Portugal, Mexico and the Philippines, quality and sustainability lies at the core of the company’s ethos. From the textiles and button detailing through to packaging, the materials used have been carefully considered. Using 100% organic cotton with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, the materials are entirely natural with the buttons crafted from vegetable-ivory extracted from the nuts of the Tagua palm tree. The cushions and throws are handmade in collaboration with Madda studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico. The designs themselves also take visual inspiration from natural elements such as eroded rock formations and the whimsical arrangement of seed heads on wild grass, resulting in a minimal and pared-back aesthetic which is reflected in the brand’s initial collection.
Whilst exploring a career of her own, Chan’s meeting with Reeves led to discussions on how the manufacturing of products takes such a toll on the planet. Following on from this, the duo decided to investigate the opportunities of conscious production, alongside the use of natural materials and embracing circularity from the outset.
With designers and brand looking to work towards a circular future, Chan expresses how it has always been a core focus for Baea. “It is never an afterthought,” She states, “it lies at the root of everything we do. For me, sustainability is also about longevity and durability, alongside the conscious production systems and materials we utilise.” With COVID-19 causing us to think more deeply about our relationship with nature, it is good to see the industry beginning to shift towards a more conscious design approach.


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