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Why Choose The Good Hotel London 

Published: May 30, 2024
Author: Jessica

As a social and commercial hub, London is the home of many exemplary and exquisite hotels. You can find everything from affordable to the most luxurious and prestigious hotels. Due to the number of options available, deciding which is best for you can take time. 

However, some of them stand out, especially if you visit the hotel. One of the best places to live is the Good Hotel London. Though not globally known, it is one of the best places to stay when you visit London. This is the perfect place for budget-minded travelers to spend your nights and days. 

It is affordable and has some of the best facilities and features that make it the ultimate sustainable accommodation place. Therefore, if you are looking for the best accommodation, here are reasons to consider the Good Hotel London.  

  1. Perfect Water Views

Imagine waking up in the morning to view the river Thames. You can get out of bed and head to the decks to enjoy some water therapy—a perfect way to begin your day. If you get bored with the water views, you can enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding buildings, major landmarks, and London.  

These views may be the hotel’s best-selling point. Although the hotel may be affordable and cheaper than other first-class hotels in London, the views are incomparable to any.  

Besides the views, the floating water platform also has room for other activities. You can spread your yoga mat to enjoy evening or morning yoga and meditation. Everybody who walks into the Good Hotel London always looks for sustainable luxury. The hotel delivers that plus an extra view to boost happiness. 

  1. One Of The Industrial Hotels In London

London is changing fast, and real estate businesses are quickly replacing the old Victorian architecture with newer, shiny, tall buildings. Nowadays, getting an industrial loft and living in a hotel that still embraces such accommodations is hard.  

However, the Good Hotel still perseveres with industrial value. It may not be too industrial since it integrates a modern blend to the industrial look. The result is a perfect accommodation for someone who loves lofts. 

The lobby and common spaces all embrace the industrial theme in terms of design and arrangement. The resulting feeling of sitting in such spaces is comparable to the feeling you get when comfortably sitting in your back gardens. 

  1. Proximity To London and Major Facilities

If you are traveling to London for conference events and other social conventions, then be prepared to pay more for accommodation. Facilities can get expensive, especially when the demand is high. To reduce the costs, you can opt for accommodation out of town but somewhere else close to enable you to keep time.  

One of those hotels is the Good Hotel. It’s located a few minute’s drive from major convention facilities or the town. Its proximity to the public transit system makes it easier to commute around town without needing to order a cab.  

You can easily make it your best accommodation when settling in the town and having fun. Finally, it is also more affordable than its competitor accommodations, which are closer to the town and major transport stations. Therefore, it is the ultimate accommodation to help you save on costs whenever you’re in town.  

  1. Higher Levels of Privacy

Despite being designed to optimize community effects and sustainability, it is one of the most private facilities you can check into. Not many people come to the hotel, and it is located away from the main town.  

Therefore, this is the place to book if you need a quiet environment to work indoors and outdoors. It can also be the perfect hideaway for celebrities. You will hardly get paparazzi cameras around here. 

Every room is designed to optimize privacy and quietness. Nearly all the amenities you need are available in your room, so you can spend more time there focusing on your private needs. Though the rooms may be slightly smaller compared to other hotels, they are great and perfect for accommodating one or two people.  

  1. Community Value and Elements

As a space committed to sustainable accommodation and industrial elements, the hotel has more amenities for community needs. You can go to some common areas, read books, and play games with other visitors. If you are bored being indoors, you can always step out to enjoy the amazing water platform views.  

If you book the hotel for group events, you can turn the platform for charity and party events. On normal days, it has tents, umbrellas, and chairs to allow guests to catch up while enjoying the morning and evenings.  

Besides that, the rooftop terrace is an open communal space for everyone to enjoy the views of London. You can sit here with friends or meet new people and talk about various things. Another communal aspect is the living room. Designed as a social hub, the space is huge to accommodate more people discussing, chatting, playing games, or club events like book reading.  

  1. Good Way To Spend Your Money

Instead of booking any hotel, why not get one that donates some of the booking costs to various sustainable and charity events? As part of its belief in community aspects, the hotel donates some earnings to the locals and other charitable causes.  

Besides that, it embraces the concept of sustainable practices and local environmental preservation. Most of the supplies are local, and the products they bring to the hotel also meet sustainable standards. If you are a champion for sustainability, the hotel shares your values.  

Finally, in most hotels, you will hardly enjoy the proximity to water like in this hotel. Other hotels will offer you the view, but the Good Hotel brings you as close to the water as possible. 


If you are visiting London and looking for affordable and perfect accommodation, this should be one of your top choices. Despite its affordability, it can uphold sustainable lifestyles and communism and support local charitable causes. The design is perfect to mimic a private home with access to outdoor and entertainment spaces.  

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