According to a survey from coresight research Home is found to be a top discretionary category where consumers spends more.

U.S. consumers conducted The July 29 survey which is  the latest in series t that racks the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their behaviors and expectations, focusing on implications for retailers.

Consumer ratio : One-third are currently spending less on apparel, six percentage and above points from 27% the previous week. Beauty is the second most-cut category, with a little over one-fifth currently buying less. Some 19% of respondents are buying less in home categories


In addition to that , the proportion of consumers switching their spending to e-commerce slid to the lowest level since late May. Some 69% of consumers stated that they were buying more online last week fall from the peak of 76% in the week of June 24.

While the declining trend might suggest that consumers are gradually switching some of their spending back to stores, the survey also found a significant wariness about going into public spaces.


Some Other Findings were

  • The proportion of respondents that are currently avoiding shopping centers/malls went down slightly after increases for two consecutive weeks before. Some 64% said they are currently avoiding these places, versus two-thirds from the prior week.
  • Food-service locations are the second-most-avoided public places, with more than six in 10 respondents currently avoiding them, broadly level with the proportion from the previous week.
  • Grooming service providers, including barbers and salons, saw the highest decline in avoidance, of four percentage points.
Author: plazasld