High Performance Textiles, a leading exporter of high-performance yarns, is making waves in the technical textile industry. Known for its expertise in crafting yarns for various applications like protective textiles, heat protection, cut resistance, and more, the company is a name to reckon with in the field.

With plants in Sonipat and Panipat, High Performance Textiles specializes in processing staple fibers and filament twisting. Dr. Nandan Kumar, the Managing Director of the company, recently shared the company’s growth strategies in an interview with Divya Shetty.
In terms of exploring new segments, High-Performance Textiles is looking to tap into the promising Indian technical textile industry. Driven by the increasing focus on manufacturing in India, there is a rising demand for protective textiles. The company plans to collaborate with local manufacturers to produce high-performance fibers domestically, reducing dependence on foreign suppliers.

Furthermore, High Performance Textiles is eyeing expansion into the automotive sector and exploring opportunities in sound and heat insulation. By diversifying its product lineup, the company aims to cater to a wider range of customer needs.

What sets High Performance Textiles apart from its competitors is its use of cotton blends in textile innovation. Unlike most technical textile producers that rely on man-made fibers (MMFs), High Performance Textiles incorporates cotton blends into its products. For instance, the company has developed a sofa cover fabric that is mainly composed of cotton, ensuring inherent flame resistance. Additionally, the company has blended cotton with high-performance polyester (HPP) to create biker denim, which offers superior protection and improved abrasion resistance.

High Performance Textiles has also reached new heights in specialty yarns, earning a bronze trophy award from the Ministry of Textiles. The company is now focusing on technical yarns and working closely with weavers and knitters to deliver high-quality woven fabrics to its customers.

To enhance its innovation and quality control, the company has established in-house testing facilities. By conducting research and development testing internally, High Performance Textiles ensures the reliability of its products. The company also opens its facilities to other companies for testing purposes, providing comparative studies without issuing certificates.

With significant investments in research and development projects and partnerships with renowned institutions like IIT Delhi, High Performance Textiles remains dedicated to driving innovation in the industry and cementing its position as a leader in high-performance textiles.