Hexagon Purus, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, will supply composite cylinders to a leading Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCEVs) company in Northeast Asia for its zero-emission Fuel Cell Electric SUV. The cylinders will be installed in the vehicle model starting 2022. The first prototypes of the 700 bar high-pressure cylinders are to be delivered by this year end.

Hydrogen is a clean and safe energy carrier that can be used as fuel for power in a wide range of applications and can be easily stored on a large scale. Hexagon’s lightweight, durable all-composite pressure cylinders enable OEM’s to scale up their fuel cell vehicle production in a cost-competitive way.

The scope of the nomination is over a two-year period with an estimated sales value of €25 million. The nomination also positions Hexagon Purus for further projects within a large range of vehicle applications with this OEM. The supply contract is subject to final negotiations of terms and conditions.

Northeast Asia is among the largest automotive markets in the world in terms of size. The region dominates the global hydrogen economy with hydrogen cars, charging stations and fuel cell applications.

The shift to zero emissions vehicles is driven by the desire to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as to support energy independence.

“The push for decarbonisation is gaining momentum. We see game-changing market opportunities and we are mobilising to accelerate the development of zero emission mobility solutions,” says Morten Holum, president Hexagon Purus. “Our extensive experience in Type 4 cylinder technology and deep systems understanding makes us well-prepared to meet the accelerated demand we expect for zero-emissions solutions.”

“Northeast Asia is among the leading regions in the world promoting hydrogen energy. We are excited about this opportunity to engage in the region and support efforts to drive energy transformation,” says Michael Kleschinski, EVP Hexagon Purus. “Hydrogen is the main focus of Hexagon Purus. We are pleased to become an approved supplier to a major OEM in this large market, and to bring our leading Type 4 cylinder technology to a new innovative collaboration.”