Heuritech has announced its exclusive partnership with Pantone, marrying artificial intelligence and color creativity to bring the latest color trends to the fashion industry. This collaboration will provide a joint report on colors so that brands can stay abreast of color trends in the fashion industry which will be available on the Heuritech website.

Since 2013, Heuritech has been dedicated to bringing the latest and most innovative technology to the fashion industry for leading brands around the world including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Adidas, and Havaianas. Heuritech’s advanced image recognition technology analyzes 3 million images and videos every day on social media and can recognize more than 2000 detailed modes such as colors, textures, patterns, prints, etc. This unique approach and large volume of data gave the brand valuable insight into trends up to a year before.

Pantone revolutionized the color standard in 1963 with the Pantone Matching System, a tool that has since become a universal color language for many industries. More than 10 million designers and manufacturers globally depend on this system, enabling color consistency in various media in graphic design, fashion, and products. This color language is a reference for industries around the world to translate digital inspiration into physical realization.

By linking Heuritech’s color trends with Pantone’s color references, clients can easily produce these colors in real life. From the moment the trend was detected digitally on social media by Heuritech until the time of production at the factory, the brand can speak the common language of colors with Pantone.

Married with color and fashion data expertise, Pantone is known worldwide for her expertise in color and specifically color this year. Heuritech combines the power of data and artificial intelligence to bring quantitative analysis to colors in the fashion industry, making it possible for the first time to measure the volume of colors seen among consumers and influencers, as well as adoption.

To master color recognition, Heuritech has developed advanced color detection capabilities in lifestyle images to get the color as close as possible to the original color (apart from filters, shades, etc.). The idea is to provide various color trends from macro to granular to suit the needs of each fashion brand.

A new moodboard platform is also available to encourage designer creativity and explore colors visually with Pantone color coding and Heuritech image recognition technology.

Pantone will also provide an exclusive 15 percent discount code and store links for only Heuritech customers that will be offered on request via email with someone’s main account manager.

“We met Pantone in early 2020, and our partnership immediately made sense to us: bridging the gap between image recognition technology and our physical products through a unique partnership that we are very proud to sign today. The Pantone and Heuritech team will work together to provide key insights into color for merchandising and design, “said Célia Poncelin, chief marketing officer for Heuritech.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Heuritech, utilizing synergy to present the latest insights on color trends for the fashion industry. We see this relationship as a perfect combination of art and science, color and technology, “said Deepali Agarwal, EMEA’s head of marketing for Pantone.