The National Committee on Textiles and Clothing (NCTC) has launched a helpline portal to redress grievances related to the increase in the prices of yarn and its inadequacy.

This comes against the backdrop of apparel, clothing, and a section of the textile industry shutting down shutters for a day in Tirupur and Erode districts protesting skyrocketing yarn prices for the last three months and shortage of yarn.

NCTC Coordinator and Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) Chairman T Rajkumar said grievances can be posted on the portal

Rajkumar appealed to all stakeholders in the textile value chain to take advantage of the online service system and find solutions constructively.

He said the inventory pipeline got drained out during and immediately after the Covid-19 lockdown period and has caused a demand-supply mismatch in the textile value chain.

Sharp increase in the raw material and various other input costs have made the intermediary products expensive, causing difficulties for the finished product manufacturers to meet their prolonged commitments.

Hence, the downstream sectors of the textile value chain have been seeking stability in the yarn prices, he claimed.

Knitwear industries in Tirupur had downed shutters on Monday to bring the issue to the attention of the Central and State governments, suffering production loss of Rs 165 crore, while textile and other related shops in Erode district closed on the same issue, incurring trade loss of Rs 50 crore, according to industry sources.