Since Textiles provide a large hosting surface for bacteria and viruses that allow them to remain active from days to months. This makes them not only an unsafe surface, but also a source of contagion.

“But what if the fabric you wear, or the fabric you sleep on has the capability to combat viruses such as the coronavirus, influenza and swine flu?” writes Nikita Desai, Vice President – Strategy and Business Excellence, D’décor

Since the Textile Industry is witnessing rapid Development to cater this demand, Scientists and technologists are working together to develop ‘smart fabrics’ that creates not only beautiful spaces at home but also have those functional property of being antiviral antibacterial and even air purifying.

Recently, HeiQ has launched HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03. It is an antiviral and antibacterial textile treatment – a unique combination of silver and vesicle technologies designed to significantly reduce viral and bacterial infectivity on treated surfaces. The Viroblock is suitable for all fiber types, from medical nonwovens to fabrics for clothing and home textiles and can last at least 30 gentle washes.  Homes, like any other high contact environment, can be fought with disease spreading agents like microbes, viruses and volatile organic compounds of all kinds.

For home textiles, the current pandemic has provided the context in an already increasingly health conscious world, that will shorten the cycle and see acceptance from consumers.