HeiQ, a textile innovator, has announced a new cooperation with ZXY International, a worldwide clothing solution company that has been operating in Asia since the early 1980s and has significant global conversion potential. The two businesses will work together to find new ways to give brands the exact technology they need to complement their product lines, while also linking them with mills that can deliver the products.
HeiQ has announced a new relationship with global clothing peer ZXY International, as part of the company’s global strategy of working with converters throughout the world. The two businesses will work together to develop breakthroughs that will give brands with exact technology to match their product lines while also linking them with mills to produce the items. HeiQ and ZXY share a commitment to long-term applications and performance.
ZXY has established a customer-focused professional organisation that solves product issues while providing value to the supply chain. The Premier Innovation Partnership Arrangement will allow ZXY to trade with brands and mills and connect them with HeiQ’s innovative solutions according to their needs. ZXY is well-positioned to meet all of your clothing business requirements, with flexible manufacturing and sourcing across Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, India, and Pakistan.