HeiQ, a Swiss textile developer, has acquired Life, a materials technology firm, to strengthen its position in the bio-based antibacterial and healthcare surface hygiene markets.
Life is a materials technology firm that has a portfolio of formulations that have been used in a variety of sectors.
Life, a business that develops and promotes bio-based antimicrobial compounds, has been purchased by HeiQ, a Swiss company that produces and sells antimicrobial solutions. HeiQ’s portfolio, which has grown throughout the SARS outbreak, now includes 40 more items as a result of the purchase. These include those that can combat bacteria, fungus, algae, and other microorganisms that come into contact with treated materials.
Life, a major supplier of bio-based antimicrobials, has been acquired by HeiQ, a global leader in materials innovation and healthcare surface hygiene. Multiple possibilities to combine and use technology from both firms to power future revenue development have already been discovered by the two companies. “We are thrilled to get exposure to Life’s technological portfolio of complementary, strongly bio-based, and very effective antimicrobial solutions,” stated Carlo Centonze, co-founder of HeiQ.