Montreal, Canada based HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE, specializing in functional thermal insulation material business, announced that three product categories of the company were recognized by ISPO TEXTREND 21/22 with prestigious TOP TEN and SELECTION Awards.

HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE today announced that the company’s three product categories, i.e., nDown™, VEGAN DOWN MX and STRETCH MX, have been recognized by the internationally renowned ISPO TEXTREND with TOP OF INNOVATION AWARD for their breakthrough performance benefits and significant contributions in social responsibilities in such perspectives as animal-cruelty-freeness, eco-friendliness, etc.

In particular, nDown™ and VEGAN DOWN MX were awarded with the prestigious TOP TEN awards






STRETCH MX was awarded with the prestigious SELECTION award


Sae Chang, President and CEO of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE, said the following: “We could not be happier with the recognitions by ISPO TEXTREND and would like to thank the ISPO organising committee and its selection jury for their efforts. With the ISPO 20/21 Top of Innovation Awards which had already been awarded earlier this year in three of HEAT-MX’s other product categories, i.e., iDown™, COMPACT MX and LOFT MX, this ISPO 21/22 Awards make all six categories of HEAT-MX products which we currently offer in the market recognized by this most prestigious award in the industry. I think it is a truly outstanding outcome and everyone in our organisation is very proud of it. I believe that it is a strong testament of our continuing R&D efforts in combining breakthrough performance features with strong social responsibilities.  Thanks to our nDown™ and VEGAN DOWN MX products, we can now create performance metrics which match or even exceed those of natural down as well as the natural appearance of down material without killing any animals, i.e., totally animal-cruelty free. In addition, our STRETCH MX product offers a type of stretch performance which the industry has long desired for improved durability. With the breakthrough innovations we have been able to put forward, we at HEAT-MX believe that we can make the world a better place for consumers as well as all our surrounding environment, including animals.  We will continue our efforts in connecting our company values with highest level of our commitments in social responsibilities”