The kolhapuri chappal is an Indian legacy worn by everyone from college students to film stars, even those without the minimum idea where Kolhapur maybe must have heard about kolhapuri chappal or at least that’s how it’s used to be.

In March 2015, the Maharashtra government ban the slaughter of bull and bullocks. In the unsewing month the leather trade including kolhapuri chappal maker suffered instinct. Before this when the law didn’t exist the business was running smooth and fast, said one of the maker. After the addition of the law the business has affected by nearly 20%.

It has been said that the industry was suffering a bit before the law, but the law has made it worse. Maharati Shayamlal, a Kolhapuri chappal trader said that after the ban on cattle slaughter their business has been running slowly and getting material becomes harder as all the tanneries in Kolhapur were shut down. Leather from Kolhapur tanneries is more durable, and what they get from Madras is leather processed in 15 days so it is not very durable. Real kolhapuri chappal is only made with leather from Kolhapur tanneries.

In market surround India Kolhapuri chappals are either made locally or supplied from markets other than Kolhapur.


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Author: moosa.nayeem