“TEAMING UP IS THE RESPONSIBLE WAY FORWARD”: that’s the motto of TINTEX to build a sustainable wardrobe. From cutting-edge developments and implementations in production and processes to collaborative partnerships that brought to environment-driven collections, TINTEX had a very rich in news trimester with a Naturally Advanced commitment

Jersey manufacturer Tintex has over time established itself as a global leader in smart innovation. For the new upcoming collections the company goes even beyond its pay- off Naturally Advanced to reach the new one – Naturally Advanced Evolution – that means working together to develop collections combining a strong environment- driven approach with cutting-edge technology.

The result of this positive approach gave rise to collaborations with premium brands such as Hanro.

Hanro, the Swiss brand that offers the finest in luxury underwear, daywear, nightwear and loungewear for both men and women presents its basic nevertheless essential “Balance” range of t-shirts made of 100% TencelTM fabric by TINTEX, the Portuguese manufacturer leader in jersey, enriched by the premium Naturally Clean finishing.

Naturally Clean is an exceptional smart and responsible finishing process that enhances the natural beauty of cotton by adopting a modern and economical approach to eliminate aggressive treatments.

High-quality, functional and a relaxed, comfortable fit for everyday life.

Here an example of the collection:

https://www.hanro.co.uk/products/bala nce-lyocell-sleeveless-top/

This sporty and stylish leisurewear with a fashion neck tailored from a breathable mix of microfibre and elastane fabrics for a custom and stretchy fit is made from 100% Lyocell that is a sustainable fabric made from TencelTM fabric by TINTEX, that is made of bleached wool pulp.