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Gujarat’s cotton exports are expected to reach a seven-year high

Published: August 18, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Cotton exports from the country are expected to reach 77 lakh bales (equal to 170kg) in 2020-21, the highest level in the last seven years, owing to robust demand from overseas markets. Exports had previously reached a peak of 112 lakh bales in 2013-14, according to industry participants.
Gujarat is India’s top cotton grower, and its contribution to total exports has been 40-45 percent.
Cotton exports from the country stood at 42 lakh bales in 2017, according to the CAI data. The Indian cotton prices remained Rs 2,000-2,500 per candy (one candy weighs 356kg), which were lower than the international prices throughout the year. CAI has projected 93.50 million bales of cotton output for Gujarat for 2020-21.

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