The silken feel of an elaborately intensive hand woven, the depiction of flora, fauna, stylized elephant, the motif of flowers, jewels and abstract geometrical patterns along with frolicking maidens dancing on the borders of the sari, all lauding the most beautiful textile craft form the world has ever known. This is the double Ikat craft form as practiced in Patan, in North Gujarat. The tie and dye of the yarn itself, before the weave requires an intensive voyage of creative discovery within the mind of the weaver and as each pattern unfolds on the loom it is akin to the birth of a single perfect pearl. The word Patola to the connoisseurs conjures up an image of the absolute finest in silk handwoven textile, skill-intensive labor of love involving the mysterious bond of creativity between the weaver and the very silken strands of threads that eventually germinate into a luxurious sari worth losing a kingdom for.

Details – 

Number of handlooms – 49

Number of weavers – 120

Handloom products – sarees, dress materials, stoles & dupattas.

Cluster Accessibility –

Patan is well connected with Roadways, Railways and Airways,

Roadways – 19. 2 km away from Dashrath Bus stop.

Railways- 10 km away from Patan railway

Airways – 160km away from Sardar Vallabh bhai patel airport, Ahmedabad.

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