It’s the subtle things that make a house a home. By incorporating the right colour schemes and furniture, sustainable home décor can become a brilliant theme in itself, giving your home a calming and beautiful aura. Sustainable home decor is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

This World Environment Day, choose Pepperfry’s organic and eco-friendly range of products that will help in sprucing up your space sustainably.

Aqua Organic Ceramic Dining Plate

Start small with something like crockery. The Aqua Organic Ceramic Dining Plateis a must-have product on your list. The product is made with organic materials andshowcases elegance in its subtle but classy design.Bring home the Aqua organic ceramic plate and slay your dinner parties in style while doing your bit for the environment.

Organic Teak Wood Floating Wall Shelf in Natural Finish

Make the corners of your home stand out with this Organic Teak Wood Floating Wall Shelf in Natural Finish. This beautifully crafted wall shelf comes with a weight-carrying capacity of 10-12kgs. This magnificent piece of furniture will give your home a very Earthy feel.

Organic Cotton Bean Bag Cover in Blue & Grey Colour

Who doesn’t love to organise dinner parties and binge-watching sessions? Arranging adequate space for all your guests is a real challenge on such occasions. Well, no more. Organic Cotton Bean Bag Cover in Blue & Grey Colouris all you need. This bean bag which is made of 100 % organic cotton, can easily be moved and cleaned with a table cloth. Enjoy the feeling of sheer comfort and become a stress-free host with the addition of this bean bag.

Bring home this exciting range of eco-friendly products by Pepperfry and turn your abode into a more nature-oriented space.