Albuquerque, N.M. (For Immediate Release): Green Theme Technologies Inc. (GTT), a leader in water-free and PFOA/PFOS-free water-repellent textile finishing, is proud to share the news that their dry textile finishing EMPEL® platform has helped to propel partner brand ARTILECT to award-winning status.

ARTILECT’s new for FW22 Silverton Shell was recently awarded the Slide x OTS 2022 Winter Trade Show Award for Best Softshell, and the Formation 3L Shell being recognized by Outside Business Journal as one of the Top 50 hottest new products for Fall/Winter 2022.

“Artilect understands how consumers now demand high performance AND sustainability. Their jackets combine gifted aesthetic functional design with superior EMPEL rain protection to make exceptional products,” said Martin Flora, VP of Business Development with GTT. “The problem with many PFAS-free water repellent finishes in the market,  they don’t hold up in the rain.  Our EMPEL platform is unique: it outperforms all existing water-repellent technologies, lasts longer and removes toxic PFAS from textile finishing.”

EMPEL currently delivers the highest performance water repellent DWR, anti-wicking and stain release treatment in the global market, and ARTILECT is using the EMPEL DWR on several of their newest pieces.

“The FW22 ARTILECT Systems collection demonstrates our obsession with the future of performance and sustainability, and we’re introducing an array of groundbreaking, world-first technologies from many of the biggest and most innovative suppliers,” said ARTILECT founder and co-CEO, Trent Bush. “We are also very proud to be one of the first performance apparel brands to be completely PFA/PFC free in our fabrics.”

To see GTT’s EMPEL DWR in action, please see this  EMPEL video.