Google, Adidas and EA join hands to launch a product in line of Google’s Project Jacquard, Adidas GMR. The Shoes contains spaced insoles where the Jacquard chips can be fit, the chips when connected to the mobiles can sense movements, kicks to receive in game rewards in FIFA Mobile by EA Sports (FIFA Mobile Card: Paulo Dybala).

The Price of the Adidas GMR is $40, which contains a jacquard tag and a dummy tag. The jacquard tag needs to be put into the insole of the dominant foot and the dummy tag into the other foot.

Project Jacquard initially undertaken in 2016 by Google Inc. and Levi’s, is one of the Google’s Advanced Technology Projects. In this project conductive yarns are prepared and woven to produce interactive textile, that enables multitouch, navigation, communication and interaction with mobile phones and tablets using gesturing and touch sensing on textile surfaces.

In 2020 this technology was used by Adidas, to produce Adidas GMR for digital gameing. It has also been used by Levi’s Tucker Jacket and Saint Laurent in producing their luxuary range of backpacks Cit-e Backpack.

by Sayak Nandi

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