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Global Interest in ITM 2024 Exhibition

Published: June 10, 2024

Visitors from 94 Countries on the 3rd Day of ITM 2024 Exhibition

Bringing together the world’s leading textile technology leaders in Istanbul, ITM 2024 Fair has achieved a great success by hosting thousands of visitors from 94 countries in its first 3 days. Professional visitors and investors from countries such as Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Rwanda, Mauritius, Mongolia, Tuvalu, Taiwan, Singapore, Rwanda, Mauritius, Mongolia, Tuvalu, Taiwan, Singapore once again demonstrated the global attraction power of the exhibition.

Organised by Teknik Fuarcılık A.Ş. and Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş. in partnership with TEMSAD, ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition opened its doors to its visitors on 4 June. Hosting the innovative technologies of textile technology leaders, ITM 2024 Exhibition offered unique opportunities to exhibitors by providing an excellent platform for world launches and new collaborations. ITM 2024 Exhibition attracted attention with thousands of visitors from 94 countries who flocked to the exhibition to see the innovations in the field of textile technologies from the first day. ITM 2024 Exhibition, which hosts visitors from a wide geography from Asia to Europe, Africa to America, Middle East to Turkic Republics, is preparing to break new records with both the number of exhibitors and visitors and the diversity of countries.

ITM 2024 Exhibitors Satisfied with Country Diversity

Organising ITM 2024 in Istanbul provided an ideal environment for global collaborations by increasing visitor diversity. While Turkey stands out as an important market in the textile industry, this diversity further reinforced the strategic importance of the exhibition. Exhibitors welcomed visitors from all over the world during the exhibition and expressed their satisfaction for meeting their customers from countries that cannot go to exhibitions in Europe due to visa problems at ITM 2024 Exhibition. Many company executives said that they hosted visitors from countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Egypt and Iran, realised machinery sales and signed strong collaborations since the first day of the exhibition.

Machine Sales and Strong Collaborations Signed at ITM 2024 

ITM 2024 Exhibition, where innovations from every field of textile from weaving to knitting, from yarn to digital printing, from finishing to denim, will continue to host its visitors until 8 June. Visitors to the fair will discover innovative, nature-protecting, pioneering technologies in digitalisation for a sustainable future. Company owners who will be able to get information from experts about the technologies they will use in their factories; will develop their products and direct their investments. Thanks to the machine sales and new investment decisions to be taken, the textile machinery sector will gain a great momentum in the world and in Turkey.

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