The 2019 China International Garment and Textile Fair (CIGF) will be organised in Dalian, a main port city in the Liaoning province from September 7 to 9. Under the theme of ‘Quality Fashion’, it will bring together more than 1,000 clothing businesses from around the world, attracting international apparel executives, fashion designers, textile industry experts. In terms of domestic business promotion, some 2,500 professional buyers, brokers and dealers from 300 shopping centers in 80 Chinese cities will attend the promotional events and seek to build business connections during the fair, according to official news media.

The role of digitalisation in enabling the Chinese textile industry to go global should be reinforced in this year’s fair, according to Ren Weida, director of the CIGF office of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.  Apart from the business promotion activities, three research results will be unveiled during the fair. These are research on the development and future of China’s apparel industry, a white paper about the development of business attire in China, as well as China National Garment Association (CNGA)’s protocols for smart manufacturing of clothing.  Besides, a summit on integration of information technology and industrialization for China’s textile industry will also be held during the fair.  Sponsored by the ministry of commerce and the government of Dalian city, the fair is organised by the CIGF office of Dalian municipal bureau of industry and information technology.