GHCL Home Textiles division’s product portfolio for the Market week continues to exceed expectations this season too. Products based on the four pillar strategy of Sustainability, Traceability, Innovation and Excellence will be showcased during the upcoming Home Textile Market week starting October 4, 2021.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R S Jalan, MD, GHCL said, “Our four-pillar strategy of Sustainability, Traceability, Innovation and Excellence are an extension of our vision to grow our Business Responsibly, with Governance, Sustainability and Core Values as our Foundation. It is our constant endeavor to create value for our customers by empowering them to make sustainable, planet friendly choices without compromising on the aesthetics. The use of innovative technology, eco- friendly techniques and aesthetic
This Season, we launch True Trace™, our bedding collection with a tracking system that can help you trace the complete chain-of-custody of our detailing in the product range this season, promises to enthrall the customer”.fibers from start to finish and has been independently verified by Bureau Veritas. True Trace™ guarantees the authenticity of Nile Harvest™Egyptian CottonSupima™Cotton and going forward it will be available in many more special fibers.
The Earthology™ collection is available in two ranges this market week that empower the customer with better, more sustainable and innovative choices.
Earthology™ Pure Print range of bedding integrates innovation and sustainability using a new form of cold cure paste to deliver high-quality plant-based prints without compromising on the color palette, technique or performance.
Earthology™ Herbal Infusion is the counterpart range of bedding infused with chemicals and silicon natural oils that retain the softness and hand-feel without any ecological impact.
Beyond Flannel™, range of bedding will keep you warm & cozy this fall with its latest range of patterns & prints for everyday use.
Jeanius is our latest, completely genius range of denim twill for the bedroom with revolutionary printing, dyeing and finishing techniques.
Maximix, is an all-new blended collection that promises Maximum Value. Made using most innovative fibres, blended with cotton to create the perfect balance of quality, construction, performance, and hand-feel at a very competitive price.
Sleep More Sustainably™ is a range of market-leading ecological sourcing & manufacturing approach to bedding.
Naia™Renew, A unique range of bedding made of cellulosic fibre derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp and reclaimed waste carpets diverted from landfills. This unexpected combination creates a soft and high performing fibre that tells a unique ecological story. This range has been created in collaboration with Eastman.