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No Power Is An Hurdle Between UP & Development

Published: February 13, 2023

The Union Commerce and Industries Ministers Piyush Goyal said on Sunday that Uttar Pradesh is moving forward. With this, if there is no power can become a big hurdle between UP & Development as said during a session on excise and sugar industry during the UP Global Investors Summit in 2023.

In the last 6 years, Ups excise duty collection increased from Rs.14,500 crore to Rs.42,500 crore despite of the COVID-19 pandemic coming. The issue of Australian people being dependent on India was also discussed. The foreigners are liking the wine being made in India. The wine is currently being made from grapes and 27 other fruits which are also being used to manufacture liquor and wine.

There is an investment made in crores of rupees for Uttar Pradesh. This symbolizes the fact that people are aware of the law and order, rules and regulation. This will boost the industry as there is no fear of working. The StartUp India initiative was started as UP becomes a leader in the startups. Till 6 years back, there were 500-600 startups in the country. But now, there are 90,000 startups with 8,277 being from Uttar Pradesh. Nitin Agrawal, minister of state addressed the state too.

According the Piyush Goyal, “Investors are coming from different parts of the world to Uttar Pradesh. They are also reposing faith in the people of Uttar Pradesh that they will vote for their decisive leadership of a double engine government both in the state and in the country, which will take UP ahead on the path of development”

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