Textile manufacturing in Tamil Nadu got here to a grinding halt on Monday because the manufacturing devices in Tirupur and Karur commenced a two-day strike to call for that the centre convey down cotton and yarn fees. Cloth traders in Erode joined the strike.

Around 70% of the 20,000-extraordinary garment devices in and round Tirupur district downed their shutters at the same time as in Karur, 800 domestic fabric production devices suspended manufacturing. Tirupur garment producers stated manufacturing to the music of ₹360 crore were hit because of the strike and known as for fast measures with the aid of using the Centre to arrest cotton charge rise.

 As of Monday, the charge of cotton turned into soaring round ₹1 lakh for a candy (356kg). This turned into ₹57,000 in September ultimate year. Similarly, the yarn charge turned into hiked with the aid of using ₹forty in line with kilogram for all counts in May.

 “The garment enterprise has suffered a double blow due to the fact that cotton in addition to yarn fees havespiralled out of control. The livelihood of lakhs of human beings has end up unsure as garment manufacturing is popping unviable,” stated Robo D Ravichandran, secretary of Tirupur Domestic Garments Manufacturers` Association. Even earlier than the strike, the devices decreased their manufacturing potential with the aid of using 50% to fulfill the loss incurred because of the charge hike, he stated.