Gap, Inc., a US clothes retailer, has announced the acquisition of e-commerce start-up Drapr. Using 3D technology, the web application will allow buyers to try on clothing. It’s all about virtual clothes fittings!
The retailer feels the new technology is for anyone who does not know their exact size or who wants a specific fit that numbers do not always convey.
More specifically, David Pastewka, Drapr’s Founder, stated that the company is enthused about the influence Drapr may have on customers as a member of the Gap, Inc. family.
Notably, the transaction was facilitated by Gap, Inc.’s strategic growth division.
Drapr was founded by David Pastewka, Will Drevno, and Richard Berwick as part of the Summer 2020 Y Combinator class.
Gap is pleased with its alliance with Drapr, believing that it would help it improve the fit experience for all of its consumers while also hastening the retailer’s ongoing digital transformation.
Gap’s second-quarter net sales increased by 29% to $4.2 billion, the company revealed late last week.