February 2021 – The self-service laundry company Fresh Laundry continues its expansion in Spain with the opening of a new 80m2 establishment in Sant Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona province), thus reaching 73 in the territory. The new franchise is located in the Bages area and has 3 dryers and 6 washing machines –one of them for pet clothes– with special washing programs for the total defection of the garments. Likewise, they foresee the opening of 10 more centers before December 2021 –8 under franchises and 2 of their own.

Roberto Haboba Gleizer, CEO of Fresh Laundry, assures that “despite the current situation, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to bet on self-service laundries, because the chances of being successful in this industry are very high . We have noticed the great growth in small cities, where it is becoming a more necessary service and with a greater number of users, thus creating new business opportunities ”.

The exponential growth of the industry can be attributed to the profitability and security that this model provides to franchisees, many of whom have become multi-franchisees. In this context, the number of franchises is expected to increase by 14% this year, establishing a total of 83.

As in the other Fresh washing centers, the washing machines of the new franchise use disinfection programs to combat COVID-19 and other possible viruses and bacteria that may be found on clothes. ” Our goal is always to respond to the needs of our customers, so we constantly work to offer an efficient service for their well-being and the care of their garments, “ emphasizes Haboba.

About Fresh Laundry

The Fresh Laundry Group is a business project created by the entrepreneur Roberto Haboba Gleizer. Founded in 2012, the self-service laundry chain is in a process of innovation and growth.
It currently has three lines of business:

  • Fresh Laundry , self-service laundries, with 73 establishments throughout Spain: 67 franchises and 6 of its own distributed in different parts of the national territory. Specifically, in Catalonia, Madrid, Navarra, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community.
  • Fresh Animals , chain of self-service washing centers for pets: 2 own establishments. Forecast to reach 25 Fresh Animals establishments in 2022.
  • Fresh Box , transportable laundry module that offer quality service and in any location: 8 throughout Spain.