Upon completing her fashion and upholstery studies, Sonia Laudet chose to set up her own textile design agency, with a emphasis on circularity. The artist, based in Bayonne, France, is turning heads inside the field of interiors and has already worked with a variety of brands to create tailor-made collections.

“I find my inspiration in things we can see every day,” She says when discussing her work. “For instance, a flower or the moon are things I like to celebrate. Beauty is everywhere, we just need to stop and watch it.”

Laudet ‘s work is a perfect example of how a design-led approach can be combined with a natural mentality and implemented effectively with a modern, abstract aesthetic.Reupholstery and restauration are at the core of the French workshop, with its silk crafts bringing new life to salvaged pieces of furniture, making them important for today as well as for years to come.

After studying fashion design in Paris in 2009, Laudet decided to study upholstery in 2013, after pursuing a few opportunities in the fashion world. She quickly became aware of her passion for craft, which inevitably led her to create her own practice, which meant she was able to carry out her vision as a designer while remaining true to her conscious attitude towards production.
Her early research focused on the antique chair reupholstery she had purchased from antique fairs and markets. As a consequence, inspired by the natural world around us in the Landscapes Series, Laudet created a dreamlike, imaginative textile style that she applied to the chairs she found.
Laudet has managed to create four more releases since its original launch: Full Moon, Eclipse, Garden Party and Titanic. The visuals overlap each with distinct color-ways, bringing a strong and consistent theme to the work that she produces. Nevertheless, each set retains its own story, which triggers discussions about travel, nature and our existence within it.
source: Forbes