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Published: March 15, 2022

The Garment Exporters Fraternity of Jaipur recently witnessed a high action packed “Four Square AGES Cup 2022” Cricket Tournament organized by the Association of Garment Exporters Sitapura (AGES), Jaipur.

The tournament was played among Four key Teams – AGES Super Kings-Captained by Akilesh Harsha, AGES Knight Riders Captained by Jitendra Singh Shekhawat, AGES Royals Captained by Devendra Singh Shekhawat, and AGES Challengers captained by Suchir Pugaliya, competing to acquire the coveted ‘AGES Cup’ Trophy with 430 family spectators to witness the matches and cheer their loved teams amidst Full Toss Action along with Sumptuous Snacks & Lunch.

The tournament also witnessed ‘Friendly entertaining match’ between the two Teams- “The AGES Black Panthers eleven” Captained by Mr. Dalpat Lodha and “The AGES Red Tigers Eleven” captained by Mr. Arif Kagzi, where both the teams were declared Winner for their entertaining efforts and goodwill gesture to knit the fraternity unity.

In the later part of the tournament, two semi-finals were played between AGES Knight Riders & Challengers and between AGES Super Kings & Royals, where AGES Knight Riders and AGES Super Kings teams won the semifinals and moved in the finals. AGES Knight Rider batsman Sachin was awarded the best batsman of the match for scoring 75 Runs and S.S. Shekhawat won the best bowler award for taking 7 wickets including a hattrick.

The final match was played between AGES Knight Riders & AGES Super Kings, where AGES Super Kings won the Four Square AGES Cup 2022 final match by 7 wickets. Captain Akhilesh Harsha along with the teammates and sponsors received the AGES Cup 2022 Winners Trophy and the Man of the Tournament was awarded to S.S.Shekhawat of AGES Knight Riders.

The event was graced by Mr. Amin Kagzi, Hon. MLA, Govt. of Rajasthan who presented the Winner trophy to the winning team and also congratulated the entire Garment exporters fraternity members for their dedicated efforts and the hard-work of Team AGES and the tournament organizing Committee headed by Mr. Monu Karnani and Mr. Subodh Pugalia with Mr. Harish Panjabi, Navin Advani under the able guidance of AGES Patron Mr. Dalpat Lodha and Mr. Rajiv Dewan, President Mr. Hazari Ram, General Secretary Shyam Harsha and whole AGES working committee. Dr. Mahesh Joshi, MLA Government of Rajasthan also adorned his presence in the event.

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