Aptos leading provider of enterprise software focused on retail launched four new product offerings that have been flourish to help retailers speed up the post-pandemic recoveries and to help them address their most immediate challenges. Solutions offered help to tackle the retail’s prickly problems from managing unsold stock to fulfilling products at curb-side to restarting Global suppliers.

As the company moves towards recovery, the urgency for retailers to profitably meet consumers’ expectations to buy, receive, and return products anywhere continues to increase. To aid retailers in this effort, Aptos Enterprise Order Management QuickStart enables retailers to roll out, buy online pick up at curbside (BOPAC), buy online ship from store (BOSFS), and other popular omni-channel capabilities in a matter of weeks, according to a press release by Aptos.

From lessons learned during hundreds of implementations of Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP), Aptos has released the MFP Foundation, a quick start version of its core application. As merchandise planners grapple with unprecedented levels of complexity from COVID-19, omni-channel proliferation, and globalization, MFP Foundation offers a best-of-breed solution out of the box that supports critical financial planning functions, from strategic planning and budgeting all the way to in-season plan adjustments.

As retailers prepare for the Next to Normal, omni-channel acceleration, the digital transformation of traditional merchandise planning processes, and a retail experience platform are the new requisites for success. While we can’t predict the next wave of disruption, by focusing Aptos’ investments in these areas, we are best preparing our customers for long-term success, customer loyalty, and adaptability,” Aptos CEO and culture leader Noel Goggin said.