ThredUp, a US fashion resale site, and Madewell, a denim specialist, are teaming together! Both stalwarts announced the debut of ‘Madewell Forever’ earlier this week – an online resale marketplace handpicked by Madewell and carried by both ThredUp and Madewell shops. The collaboration’s objective is to collect one million pairs of jeans by 2023, as well as to double the life of each recirculated item.
Madewell Forever, a platform that sells secondhand women’s jeans, has announced that it would offer over 3,000 pairs of the brand’s ‘pre-loved’ jeans. The environmentally friendly concept is powered by ThredUp’s resale-as-a-service software and logistics, which has been accessible to third-party shops since 2018. It is a continuation of the firms’ 2019 partnership selling used jeans.
Madewell Forever has collaborated with ThredUp to collect one million pairs of jeans by 2023. According to the firms, it may increase the time each piece is in circulation while reducing its environmental effect by up to 82 percent. During the previous six years, Madewell gathered 500 tonnes of denim trash from landfills through their denim trade-in programme.
Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali