Mizuno Corporation, a Japanese Sports Equipment and sportswear company launched an innovative technology in footwear called Mizuno Energy. After years of experimentation, Mizuno launched this footwear technology designed to meet the performance demands of athletes across various Sports. Mizuno Energy delivers the highest energy return ratio in the company’s history apart from enhancing the performance capabilities.

“We recognize not only what athletes want, but also require in their training no matter their sport. We know performance, energy return and comfort are all equally important, so we are constantly engineering new technologies aided to support this,” Tomohiro Ota, chief marketing officer, Mizuno USA, said in a press release.

Mizuno Energy was created with the purpose of improving the performance benefits of Mizuno footwear through new advanced materials, delivering greater rebound and increased softness. Athletes will now be able to retain more of the energy they put in without sacrificing on overall comfort.

Athletes will be able to experience the difference Mizuno Energy offers in two different iterations, Mizuno Energy (Foam) and Mizuno Energy Core. Each iteration has been engineered to provide athletes with enhanced performance capabilities through the unique features offered in the form of its versatility to change shape and increased rebound potential.

The first introduction of Mizuno Energy will be available in July 2020 in “The Mizuno Energy” signature shoe, which will provide the softest cushion and highest energy return ratio in Mizuno history.