Local sellers of soccer merchandise are harvesting returns as World Cup fever sweeps the globe. Most people have observed a 100% increase in sales of football-related merchandise from June through October, including jerseys, boots, flags, etc. Wholesalers claim that exports to Bangladesh and the north-eastern states account for a sizable portion of sales.

Interestingly, Bangladesh, a significant producer of high-end team shirts and flags that are not sold domestically but are supplied to European and Latin American countries, has a great demand for cheap jerseys and flags from India. Brazil and Argentina shirts are in high demand, as seen in the markets. 

“In October and November, I exported 10,000 jerseys to the north-eastern states and 25,000 to Bangladesh. In contrast, I had only shipped 15,000 jerseys in June,” remarked Asghar Ali Biswas, a sportswear exporter from Metiabruz.

Sales of shoes have increased dramatically as we approach the world cup. According to Mohammad Hamza, a footwear vendor in Rabindra Sarani, “youth in the northeast are passionate about football, which has helped to the sales of footwear that are imported from China.”