Today, staying in fashion has become very important if you want to live up to society’s expectations. If you want to find out updates on the fashion status of the clothes you are wearing, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will tell you about the different tips and tools that would help you find details about the clothes you or someone else is wearing. 

You would also find details of the platforms, which would help you stay updated on the changes and updates in the fashion industry!

Finding the updates on fashion that you are carrying!

In the modern world, digital tools are helping a lot in providing a solution to anything and everything. Below we have listed out some platforms that can assist you in checking how updated is the outfit you are wearing!

  • Google Image search

“Google image” is a reverse searching platform that can provide you detailed results about the image in input. Here you should know that Google image search engines would hunt for results based on images instead of traditional keyword search. We want you to know that Google image search is very easy to use. You can easily get details about the clothes you are wearing within seconds with this platform. The steps to use this image search platform for getting results are simple and are stated below:

  1. Take a picture of what you are wearing or carrying. The picture should be clear if you want to get accurate results!
  2. Now open Google images on any of your devices. The interface of Google images is quite similar to the conventional search engine, so you would know what to do.
  3. You have to use the camera icon in the search bar to upload the image that you have captured.
  4. After feeding the pictures to the search bar, you have to hit enter so that the tool can start its work.
  5. Google would analyze your image and would get you details about similar images. 

You can easily find out about the designer of the cloth and the origin of the fashion style you are wearing. You would also know about how old or new the outfit you are wearing is. The results produced by it are quite promising and accurate. Still, you should know that Google would not consider your privacy and save your image in its database for at least seven days. 


This is a designated website that can help you search for images. This is a third-party utility, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your images over here. The tool would provide full security to your input images. It would delete the image contents as soon as you complete the search. Now here we have listed out the steps that you have to follow to use this RIS tool:

  1. As this is a cloud-based website cum tool, it can be used on any device you want without any hassle. You have to navigate this website on your browser.
  2. To use this tool with complete features, you have to register your account with it. After signing up with your account, you can use the tool for free.
  3. In the tool, you would see different uploading options. You can add images in the tool in PNG, JPG, and GIF format from your local storage as well as from your cloud drives. You can also make an image search based on an image URL.
  4. After entering the image of yourself carrying the outfit, you have to hit the search button.

The Reverse Image Search tool would consult multiple search engines and get you comprehensive results regarding the dress you are wearing. You can easily know whether your fashion wear is up to date or has become old enough to be changed.

Tips to stay updated on fashion!

Suppose you want to stay updated on new fashion styles. In that case, you should subscribe to the top fashion magazines online or get the paper editions delivered to your home. Some of the top fashion magazines across the globe are:

  1. Vogue: This magazine has been in the fashion industry for nearly two centuries. The magazine focuses on the promotion of the latest fashion styles!
  2. InStyle: This is another magazine that can help you stay into modern trends. You can get all sorts of information regarding fashion in this magazine.
  3. W Magazine: This magazine is quite famous among people worldwide as it simply covers the elite personalities in the fashion industry.

By hooking up with these magazines, you can easily update what’s going new in the fashion world. You can also take screenshots or pictures of the new fashion trends you see on these magazines or any other platform. You can make an image search on them and find out all about the origin, the designer, the cost and other relevant details about the image!

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali